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New server Amber x7[PTS].
Dear players! We are glad to announce that 16th of March at 19:00(CEST) will launch a new x7. This server as a second wind for the project, will open the opportunity to build an in-depth policy and start a new story for beginners on our project. As always, a strong advertising campaign, promotions, competitions, popular personalities.
Bonuses for newcomers to the x5 server
1. Weapon Without Rank with Force Attack Level D;
2. Health banks (100 units);
3. Teleport scrolls (5 pcs.);
4. Buff scans of the 1st level (10pcs).
Why choose us?
1. Stable servers with better chronicle implementations
2. Keep up with the times (updated to current chronicles)
3. The best CIS and foreign community;
4. Continuous development of the project;
5. Lack of gaming administration;
6. Minimum ping for players from different countries;
7. Security of gaming accounts;
8. Processing of complaints in the shortest possible time.
Antharas update.
Dear players! Update Antaras successfully installed. Do not forget to download a new client. Everyone enjoy the game!